The 12 Foundation

12's helping 12's

12th Foundation is a public charity, which raises money for under-served youth programs in State of Washington. Seattle Seahawks

It also supports fans, mainly children that need someone to cheer them on as they recover from a major illness.

Doctors Participating for Seahawks Promotion

  • Dr. Prabhjot Sidhu    
  • Dr. Brian Dillion    
  • Dr. Bob Johnson 
  • Dr. Michael Mulick
  • Dr. Dat Nguyen
  • Dr. Michal Friedrich    
  • Dr. April Ziegele
  • Dr. Libby Finnesy
  • Dr. Robert Feasel    
  • Dr. Max Bloeser
  • Dr. Mark Soltys
  • Dr. John Hixson    
  • Dr. Samuel Castillo    
  • Dr. Troy Thomas
  • Dr. Kalman Klass
  • Dr. Chad Slocum / Dr. Sarah Lundgaard 
  • Dr. Jennifer Tran        
  • Dr. Philip Jones

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