The 12 Foundation

12's helping 12's

12th Foundation is a public charity, which raises money for under-served youth programs in State of Washington. Seattle Seahawks

It also supports fans, mainly children that need someone to cheer them on as they recover from a major illness.

The 12 Foundation

Local non-profit using the power of 12 to raise money for the local 12

“Together, we are 12 helping 12s: its about our Fans, our community, our players, and our team”.

The 12 Foundation is partnered with 206 Creative’s sports arm 206 Sports Group.  A 501c3 (in filing) organization aimed at helping Pacific Northwest families and children in need.  Our motto of 12’s helping 12’s.  The Seahawks fan base, the 12’s, reaching out to support fellow 12’s.  With the help of current and former Seahawks players, The12Foundation focuses on providing once in lifetime experiences to families or children with illness, low-income or suffered a tragedy.  

The 12 Foundation encourages 12’s to nominate other 12’s in need by sharing their story in writing or video.  These stories are shared with the entire 12 community on the 12Foundation website and various media outlets.
The 12 foundation also partners with various businesses and organizations allowing a customized approach to fund raising or delivering a once in a lifetime opportunity to the selected family or child.

Because we are “The12Foundation” and do not use “12thMan” to promote the foundation, we eliminate copyright conflicts and approval from The Seattle Seahawks.  This allows businesses and organizations to freely develop a contribution strategy and partnership with The12Foundation.

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